Electronic Control Units

The ECU is a key element of an optimized user interface system. It orchestrates the complex sequencing of the various elements in a User Interface System. The customized Electronic Hardware and Software Controls are critical to the reliable, smooth and safe operation of any user interface system. Our in-house software capability and experience are critical to successfully integrate the User Interface Systems into customers' vehicles. We provide integration of User Interface inputs and control of Info-tainment Systems in vehicles with software algorithms so that our customers don't have to.

Mechatronic Driver Interfaces

Features & Benefits

  • In-house software development is essential to the control of user interface system
  • Model-based software design enables virtual verification, reduces software errors, and increases development speed
  • Knowledge and experience in production applications
  • Proven hardware building block designs
  • Integrated designs with the ability to control multiple systems
  • Experience in dust-proof and water-proof designs