Dealer Direct Fulfillment Services

STRATTEC has been a value-add provider of replacement and service components to global OEMs and their dealer network.  STRATTEC has developed a proprietary fulfillment process that allows us to receive and verify orders from over 6,500 different locations and pick, pack and ship individually cut keys and locks within 24 hours.  STRATTEC applies the same automotive quality techniques to this process to produce defect free shipping performance.

STRATTEC is able to customize this process for new customers seeking innovative logistics solutions for highly customized products that need to accurately ship with minimum lead times.  The process is driven by a defect prevention approach that automates the entire value stream and creates a fully traceable output that can be shipped in an expedited time frame.  If your fulfillment process needs a new innovative approach, STRATTEC can help you find a solution.

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man on ipad taking stock in warehouse