Systems Engineering & Delivery

mechanical-design.jpgMechanical Design

STRATTEC's world class mechanical capabilities and expertise effectively combine the ability to design and build prototypes as well as production parts and solutions. With our ability to take a design from an early concept to a final product, all in-house, STRATTEC provides great value to customers with a great deal of flexibility. This also allows for quick adaptation to design changes where a design can be modified and prototyped in as little as 24 hours. In addition, STRATTEC relies on an in-house talented team to mock-up and develop product testing equipment and fixtures which provide us with the ability to make changes as needed accurately and efficiently to meet customer requirements.

Hardware Design

STRATTEC is a strong system integrator with an expertise in Electronic Hardware design offering comprehensive safety and reliable complete system solutions. Our hardware designs are built upon many years of experience in advanced embedded circuit design, functional safety, layout, simulations and testing, radio frequency, connectivity and motor drive products. We make use of the industry’s state of the art hardware and embedded software tools in addition to in-house EMI/EMC product pre-compliance and environmental testing laboratories with support for production testing. STRATTEC is focused on delivering quality systems to our customers to help them meet their emerging market technologies, challenges and demands.

Software Capabilities

Since the first power sliding door system in 1993, STRATTEC's internal software team has delivered quality, robust, software solutions to control our electromechanical systems. The software team works seamlessly with our electromechanical product engineers to develop software strategies for robust, optimal system control. We use the latest software architecture promoting design re-use and configurability. The latest development tools enable functional models, auto coded software code, software rapid prototyping, automated CAN software testing, software stress testing, automated unit testing/MISRA and CERT static analysis and software based instrumentation for debug and system calibration. In addition to years of experience controlling our electromechanical products/systems, we have experience with Vector CAN integration; CAN Network Management, Vector and Proprietary Boot loader integration, AUTOSAR integration, CAN-FD, Functional Safety and Cyber Security. Finally, we follow a disciplined development process based on ASPICE.

Testing & Data Acquisition

Our IATF 16949 accredited lab has the in-house capability to support virtually all of the validation requirements for our broad range of products. Equipment includes: 22 environmental chambers from drive-in to small reach-in units, thermal shock, data acquisition, tension / compression, cyclic corrosion and salt fog, dust chambers, servo torque stations, ESD and environmental durability capabilities for various products. Additionally, STRATTEC designs, builds and programs all test equipment in-house. The equipment ranges from fully automated test systems to simple holding fixtures. This important capability strengthens our system and product integration understanding for each application. And by not relying on outside vendors, it helps to ensure prompt response to any concerns observed during testing and facilitates close collaboration with the product validation team. Technical capabilities include: continuous data acquisition and analysis, integrated product control or HIL systems, CAN / LIN communication and controls capabilities.

System Integration

STRATTEC is a world class system solutions designer and integrator of vehicle Power Access, Electronic and Security products and solutions combining mechanical components, electronic hardware, software and validation and testing. A key strength of STRATTEC's systems capability is the integration of the various mechanisms of the system into the vehicle environment with software controls and calibration tuning. STRATTEC's software monitors and controls the sequencing and amount of power to key components of the system. This is key as the complexities and nuances of the system are automatically controlled which enables simple operation to the consumer. For Functional Safety, STRATTEC's software considers a multitude of customer usage cases, mechanism failure modes and vehicle signal failure modes. These considerations are critical to ensure robust and failsafe operation.