Power Access Solutions

STRATTEC’s power access solutions combine extensive industry knowledge along with advanced engineering capabilities to provide OEMs with market leading technologies. This is exemplified in our release of first-to-market systems in power sliding door, liftgate and endgate technologies over the past 25 years. Our full-system approach and proven track record provide OEMs with market leading solutions when looking to incorporate power access systems.

Power Sliding Doors (PSD)

STRATTEC was the first supplier to launch a power sliding door in 1993. This technology provides customers with easy and convenient access to their vehicle with just the push of a button. STRATTEC currently provides two power sliding door technologies which have been recently featured on the Kia Sedona and the Chrysler Pacifica.

Quarter Mount PSD

Quarter Mount PSD

Features & Benefits

  • Drives unit pulls latch into fully cinched position, eliminating need for a cinching latch resulting in a lower system cost
  • Mounted in rear quarter area of the vehicle
Power Sliding Door

Lower Track PSD

Features & Benefits

  • Packaged in the vehicle floor utilizing previously unused space while freeing up valuable space on the vehicle quarter panel, or in the door
  • No cables to route ensuring ease of assembly
  • Utilizes the existing sliding door lower track

Power Endgates (PEG)

The PEG is the second installment of the Invis-A-Rise™ series that focuses on a seamless combination of a completely concealed system and a quiet power operation to enhance the user experience. This first-to-market technology enables customers to both power open and close their pick-up truck endgate with the press of a button. This is currently featured on the GM Silverado as well as being named an Automotive News 2019 Pace Award Winner.

Power Endgate
Invis-A-Rise™ Power Tailgate

Features & Benefits

  • “Smart system” with the ability to stop and/or reverse when obstacles are detected, combining convenience with safety
  • System enables both “hands free” and “effortless” power opening and closure of the endgate
  • Durable system with the ability to handle rugged use 
  • Entire system packaged within the endgate, eliminating packaging space concerns
  • System still allows for easy removal of the endgate

Power Liftgates (PLG)

STRATTEC first featured a power liftgate on the 2002 Lincoln Navigator. This system allows for the user to conveniently access the cargo space of the vehicle with the touch of a button. STRATTEC currently provides two power liftgate technologies which have recently been featured on the Honda Odyssey and the Jeep Compass.

Invis-A-Rise™ Power Liftgate

Invis-A-Rise™ PLG

This is the first product in the Invis-A-Rise™ series which won the 2018 PACE Award for excellence. This product was first introduced on the 2018 Honda Odyssey. The Invis-A-Rise™ system set the standard for the future of power liftgates with its unique ability to be a completely hidden system, creating a clean and elegant appearance for the customer. The elimination of struts also maximized the cargo opening of the vehicle.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates the need for visible struts creating a clean and elegant appearance while also maximizing cargo space 
  • Completely hidden from the customer’s view
  • Packaged within the seals ensuring the drive unit is in a dry environment
  • Ability to stop and hold at any point during operation
  • Allows for the ability to operate the liftgate with minimal manual efforts

D-Pillar PLG

Features & Benefits

  • Packaged in the  D-Pillar of the vehicle protecting it from harsh conditions
  • Virtually hidden from the view of the customer
  • Great solution when packaging space does not allow for implementation of overhead power liftgate and power strut systems
  • Still allows for the ability to operate the liftgate with minimal manual efforts
Chain Drive
Power Decklid

Power Decklids (PDL)

Featured first on the 2002 Lincoln Town Car, power decklids are another area STRATTEC has had extensive experience in. This technology allows for easy, hands free access to the cargo area and enables the user to effortlessly load items into the vehicle when their hands are full. This technology was most recently featured on the Cadillac CT6.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for use with a gooseneck hinge system
  • Low mass and short dead length allow for maximum packaging flexibility
  • Ability to operate the decklid manually with minimal efforts

Access Solutions for Autonomous Driving

STRATTEC is a market leader in providing access solutions for autonomous vehicles. Our technology is adaptable with the ability to be utilized for a variety of access designs and applications (Sliding, Lift, Swing, Pivot, etc…) 

Features & Benefits

  • Infinite check systems allowing the doors and access points to be stopped and held at any point during operation
  • Due to the autonomous nature, systems include a chauffeured entry and exit feature
  • Can be designed in order to operate with minimal manual efforts if desired


STRATTEC is a market leader in latch development and production. We were first-to-market in the area of cinching tailgate latches featured on the GM Chevy Silverado power end gate. STRATTEC designs and produces latches for liftgates, tailgates, decklids, and hoods including mechanical, power release, and cinching latch technologies.

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