STRATTEC is a market leader in latch development and production. We were first-to-market in the area of cinching tailgate latches featured on the GM Chevy Silverado power end gate. STRATTEC designs and produces latches for liftgates, tailgates, decklids, and hoods including mechanical, power release, and cinching latch technologies.

Liftgate Non Cinching Latch Liftgate Latch


STRATTEC is a technology leader for liftgate latching solutions. We are the main supplier for many global OEMs for their current and next generation liftgate latches.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated motor design eliminates packaging concerns commonly seen with latches that lack this feature
  • Installation is efficient due to the single modular design of the component
  • Emergency unlock feature
  • Includes both a power open as well as a cinching variant


STRATTEC, as a system provider, was the first-to-market for a power tailgate latch for GM’s Chevy Silverado Power End Gate truck. As part of that system, STRATTEC is providing a market leading cinching tailgate latch that is capable of withstanding the harsh environment of various truck applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Sealed design providing the ability to survive rugged conditions
  • Compact and modular design allowing latch to easily fit within the tailgate
  • Industry leading performance that exceeds the challenging requirements for this application
Tailgate Latch
Decklid Latch


STRATTEC offers optimized latching solutions to varying customers’ needs. In the case of decklid applications, the latch packaging constraint is severe. STRATTEC’s solution is to design the most compact latch available in the market today. It is used not only for decklid applications but also for rear flip glass latching applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-compact design allows for tight packaging within the deck lid
  • Design can be used for rear flip glass latching applications.


STRATTEC provides innovative solutions for hood latches. The same designs can be used as an option for front trunk, or “Frunk”, including various protection features.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to withstand the extreme corrosive environment that occurs in the front portion of a vehicle
  • Pedestrian protection variant allows for additional deflection to absorb the force of pedestrian impact to reduce the risk of injury
  • Optional design for front trunk applications
Hood Latch Hood Latch