Phone as a Key (PaaK) Security System

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, cars are increasingly moving to utilize Phone as a Key (PaaK) for vehicle security for access and starting. STRATTEC has developed critical elements of the PaaK system and was recently awarded a production OEM program for 2026 SOP.

PaaK systems will eventually replace current traditional PEPS Systems. STRATTEC can help OEMs offer this popular feature with our technologies in PaaK and our long history and experience in automotive security. 

Features & Benefits

  • Smartphone can function as a "key"
  • Automatic (passive) unlock of the car without fumbling for the smartphone or PaaK FOB
  • Push button engine start negating the need for key insertion
  • Precise localization to meet Thatcham requirements for smartphone/PaaK FOB position (inside vs. outside of car) with 100% vehicle coverage
  • Backup system (in case of loss of battery power or loss of smartphone) using Near Field Communication (NFC)