Key FOBs

Key Fobs

Key fobs enable customers with the convenience of remotely locking and unlocking the doors, unlatching the trunk or liftgate, remotely starting the engine, activating a “Panic” function in emergencies, as well as passive entry and passive start functionality. Remote fobs also enable other smart vehicle functions such as approach lighting, opening or closing windows, and autonomous parking and retrieval features. 

STRATTEC designs and builds fobs to survive harsh handling and rugged environments while realizing the vehicle designer’s styling vision in a beautiful end product. This industrial design capability is fed by consumer clinics as well as benchmarking.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed with an aesthetic appeal while also maintaining durability standards
  • A range of cosmetic finishes are available providing the customer with a multitude of options
  • STRATTEC can “kit” fobs with our own lock & key sets in order to ease vehicle assembly
  • Seamlessly integrate backup key in case of loss of vehicle battery power
  • Can be designed to incorporate a “flip out” key