Electronic Rotary Ignition Modules

Electronic Rotary Ignition Modules Electronic Rotary Ignition Modules

STRATTEC’s Electronic Rotary Ignition Modules are utilized for applications that have not completely transitioned to push button start (Passive Start) but do not need the traditional mechanical key blade and lock cylinder. The system works with a FOB as opposed to a traditional key but still requires insertion and rotation to start the vehicle. This allows for the lock cylinder to be replaced while also emulating the familiar key turning of the ignition that many customers grew up with. It also has an integrated coil for wireless interface to achieve a high level of security communication.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides the end user with a familiar key rotation action
  • Seamless integration of the mechanical interface with the driver and the electronic start system in order to achieve innovative designs
  • Optimized rotary action optimized for a solid “detent” feel to the driver while being robust to unintended rotation
  • Utilize multiple switch technologies such as photo sensors.
  • Another example of STRATTEC’s field-proven capability in “mechatronic” driver interfaces