In recent years, more and more vehicle access systems have moved from purely mechanical components to integrated electro-mechanical systems. STRATTEC has been at the forefront of this new technology, working with original equipment manufacturer  (OEM) product development and engineering and purchasing groups to provide cost-effective, innovative solutions to the challenges facing our customers.

STRATTEC’s customer-focused structure and formalized product development process helps us identify and meet customer needs in the shortest possible time.

From concept and design, through implementation and into the aftermarket, STRATTEC delivers products that provide the optimum value solution to security and access control requirements.

STRATTEC is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified.

STRATTEC Power Access is a global system leader in automotive power product applications with over 20 years’ experience, serving over 13 different automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) on 3 different continents. Applications of power product technologies include Power Sliding Doors, Power Liftgates, Power Decklids, Power Swing Doors, and Electronic Control Modules.

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 Liftgate Latches_175.png

FMVSS compliant Liftgate Latch Families designed and developed to be compact, high quality, low mass, and cost effective for manufacture in our global facilities.

Decklid Latch_175.png

Decklid closures engineered and optimized for size, weight and cost performance for the global market.

Seating Latch 1.png

Seatback latches design and manufactured for high performance to meet global requirements.  Featuring integrated release, indication and anti-rattle technology.

Hood Latch_175.png

Hood Latches engineered and developed to offer advanced latching features.

Cinch Striker_175.jpg

Body side mounted cinching striker that closes decklids and other panels from a presented position to fully closed.  Available with and without integrated ECU.

Control Unit_175.png

Mechanisms either purely mechanical or electro-mechanical that control closure system functions like Locking, Releasing, and other functions.

Endgate Latch_175.png

Latching system mechanisms for pickup truck endgates, tonneau covers, glass hatches and other closure applications.


STRATTEC’s Electronic Steering Column Lock is an electrically controlled and driven lock mechanism that secures and releases the steering column without the need for mechanical linkages.  This safe, yet simple, device offers the ultimate in design flexibility and product performance.


  • Offers simple, lightweight construction with minimal moving parts (Patent Pending)
  • Utilizes robust worm drive with unidirectional rotation to maintain durability
  • Provides quick unlock response time
  • Includes low voltage onboard electronic controls with integral LIN Bus interface for reduces wire harness complexity, secure communications and integrated diagnostics capability
  • Utilizes Hall Effect sensors to provide reliable system status
  • Can be easily reconfigured for a variety of mounting applications
  • Includes an anti-theft security mounting pin


A one-piece assembly combining the Remote Keyless Entry Fob and the Key Blade in a convenient, easy-to-use package.


  • Keyblade and Keyfob in the same package
  • Customer convenience
  • Durable construction
  • Multiple button configurations
  • Vehicle brand imaging
  • Cost advantage


  • RFID Immobilize
  • Fixed or Retractable Key Blade